Tuesday, August 15, 2006

We're home!

We came home a day early as we were getting no sleep at all at Lou's. Isobel was a NIGHTMARE. She slept like an angel in the tent, but wouldn't settle once we were sleeping in a strange house. I dreaded bringing her home as I thought it'd take ages to get her back into a routine, but she slept like a log last night.

We did so much on holiday that I can't even begin to remember it all. The first day we visited the fair and Taylor and Isobel rode on donkeys. Isobel is still talking about it now, even though at the time she just said 'Get off, get off!' over and over again.

This was also the day we think Ryan lost his wallet with £50 in it. He probably left it in the arcades. We didn't even notice it had gone until two days later, so it was hopeless looking for it.

To be continued...

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