Friday, April 27, 2007

Waifs & Strays

I seem to have gained a child.

Taylor's best friend has an alcoholic mother who I'll call Sue, who also has two daughters, one 11 and one 5. I've already had one run in with her this week, as she came steaming round looking for a row, saying "You've been talking about me, do you think I'm an alcoholic?". To which I replied "Yes". That threw her, she wasn't expecting that answer, the row dissipated, and we ended up having a chat and a laugh. I really really like her, if she didn't drink we could be very close, but I try my damnedest to not get involved at all.

Her son and eldest daughter are at their Dads, so the youngest(who has a different father) was playing out with Taylor. The Mum went upstairs and fell asleep, and they got locked out. We've all shouted and thrown stones, and banged on the wall where she is sleeping with a broom, and now we've given up. It's 10.30pm, so the little girl is staying here, and I've posted a note through the door with my number on it. I swear she is going to wake up at 3am and just freak out. The poor little girl was saying "Why does she leave me down here alone to look after myself?". She's obviously seen a lot in her 5 years on the planet. :(


Em's way said...

Blimey that poor little lass, had a similar situation when I was nannying, only then the mother was so out of it she slept through her 14 month old screaming the hosue down :( Ended up doing the same as you, called round to see if she was ok, ended up taking the baby home with me ( it was a weekend so i wasn't working) she did not wake up until 4pm :( Why have kids if you are too drunk to look after them ?

Good on you for taking her in , at least she has one person in her life who cares about her xxx

Laney said...

As predicted the mother called me at 3.20am freaking out having a panic attack. At least she found my note.
Pete wants to adopt her children, he thinks they are lovely. :)
Why do kids with crap childhoods normally turn out to be the sweetest?

Em's way said...

You should Laney, give the poor little loves a chance in life. Did she let the little lass saty until the morning or did she come and get her straight away ?

Laney said...

She stayed here, I told her she was fine and we'd give her breakfast and bring her home in the morning. Thankfully the Mum had calmed down a bit in the morning when I dropped her off(I'm not very good with hysterical people!). I haven't seen her since, do you think she might be a bit embarrassed? :)

Em's way said...

Hmm should be thouroughly ashamed of herself !