Saturday, April 21, 2007

On A Mission

We've been on a mission today, trying to calculate travel distances and times for a lovely little town in Hertfordshire that has caught my eye. We haven't looked at any property as we can't move until Dec/Jan so there is no point, but I just wanted to go there to see if it had the vibe we were after, and Pete wanted to see how commutable it was. It's only 25 miles from Basildon, so great for coming back to visit people, and the distance from the town to Pete's store was about the same. Perfect!

It has an excellent senior school with a 75% pass rate, two junior schools and an infants. There is a football and cricket club, lots of pubs and restaurants, and the place just feels wonderful. We stopped for a cider in the pub and sat outside, it was just 'right'. Even Pete fell in love with it. We just have to hope a house comes up at the right time in the right place, but we can wait. Here are some pictures of the high street and church, taken at dusk.

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