Sunday, April 15, 2007

Toilet last!

Well, it's taken us forever, but she is finally toilet trained. The potty is out of the equation too, it's the big girls toilets for her. We went out on Friday night with no nappies and had no accidents, and we stayed round a friends all day yesterday with no accidents, and she's only had one accident today at home. I guess we've cracked it! It's so true, what they say about them just doing it when they are ready. I thought she'd be in nappies for months yet, then it's just clicked overnight. It's my most dreaded part of parenting, so I'm glad it's almost over.

I've been out planting and digging today. I've planted parsnips, rocket and lettuce outside, as well as potting on the seedlings that were started off indoors. I'm trying to harden them off at the moment but the hot sun keeps killing them off. I'm constantly moving them into the shade, and even then it's still too hot! It was very hard not to keep seeing or hearing Isla out there, as she'd be constantly hassling me while I was working normally. Every time I thought I heard her it would take me a few seconds to remember she is gone, then I'd glance at the rockery where she's buried. :(

The boys are back at school tomorrow, I hate the end of the holidays, I'd much rather have them at home.


Thursday said...

I am really, really sorry about Isla, it's dreadful I know.

Laney said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts, I hate losing pets. :(