Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Easter Holidays

I love the school holidays. All those other parents out there who hate having their kids at home, I feel so sorry for them. I love not having the mad rush out of the door in the morning, or the packed lunches to make, or the ironing to do the night before. I don't see much of the boys anyway, as they are always out. Taylor is out playing football, and pops in for the odd loo break or juice. Ryan had Reece over the night before, then they went out all day, then they all went to Ikon together last night and stayed with Reece, and he still isn't home as they've gone to Wat Tyler Park. It's lovely and quiet here. I have four boys staying here tonight though. I'm dreading it.
Yesterday I took Taylor, Jake and Isobel to the Gymnastics club. Taylor hadn't been before, and he loved it. Jake was a bit overwhelmed with it all last time, but he joined in this time. We walked up there and walked back, so that was my exercise for the day as it's a good 40 minute walk pushing that great big double buggy. My bum muscles were on fire afterwards! I also did a bit of gardening yesterday too, which is good exercise, and started trying to tone up my arm muscles with tins of beans. I bet that conjures up a glamorous image! I have a reason for my tin-wielding craziness. I tried on two dresses in Asda last night when we were food shopping, one was a strappy dress, and the other one was a button up polka dot dress. I tried them both on in a 14, which wouldn't have even gone over my head a few months ago, and they were both a bit snug but I got them on. The button up one was gaping a bit so wasn't suitable anyway, but the green strappy one was nice. But, and it's a big but, I did notice though that my arm flab is particularly horrendous, hence the tins of beans. I've got 4 months to sort out my bingo wings.
I measured myself last night and I've gone from a 43" hip to a 41", my waist has gone from a 40" to a 36"(that is where I still have the most to lose), and my chest has gone from a 43" to a 40". Not to bad, but it's purgatory.
Pete paid another small amount off the wedding today, the big chunk of it is in the savings account gathering interest. The deadline is 16th May, but we want it paid by the 23rd of April so we can start shopping for rings and holiday clothes. We only need to find another £900 and we are done. I can't wait to be able to relax. I might sell some stuff on Ebay this week to make that £900 go down a little quicker, I'm that desperate!

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