Saturday, April 07, 2007

Bank Holiday

Ooh...I love 'em. It's the only time we all get to do stuff as a family, apart from actually booking annual leave from work. You'd think working part time Pete and I would see more of each other, but it's actually worse now than when we were full time. We are like ships in the night most of the time.
Yesterday we went to an inflatables day at Wat Tyler Country Park. We've been to a few before, but Isobel wasn't really old enough to join in then. They had three smaller slides and bouncy castles for the little ones, in a fenced off area. This meant we could lie back and chill out on a blanket and let Isobel run free, as the gated entrance to the area was locked off by a member of staff. I love it when they get a little older and can be more independent, it makes me decidedly un-broody for any more babies(Pete would be pleased to hear that I'm sure-hahaha!).

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