Tuesday, April 17, 2007

One down, one to go

So, Pete had his Halfords interview. He knocked the socks off the other 20 applicants at the assessment centre. During the group exercise they were all bickering amongst themselves so he stood up and took charge, then ended up winning the challenge by vote(it was kind of like an election). Three of the other candidates came up to Pete afterwards and asked him how he thought they'd done, how weird is that? What a bizarre thing to do!

Then he had his interview, and they offered him a salary, which he refused as it was too low. He asked for £3000 more, they shook his hand and said "Welcome to the company". It's just the starting salary though, it'll be reviewed in 3 months and upped by a few thousand. He'll be training in Basildon, but it's looking like he'll end up getting Tottenham store, which means we'll be moving to Hertfordshire!

He should hear about the Oxford job tomorrow, but if he gets that he'll need another interview with the director as it's a high powered job within the company. They seem to be very careful about who they take on. I'm actually hoping he doesn't get it now as we've been in this position before with two job offers, and making the final choice was so bloody hard! I'd rather live in Oxford, but would also rather be closer to Essex for seeing my friends.

What ever will be will be, and the path we are meant to take will show itself eventually I guess.

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Thursday said...

Yay for Pete!