Friday, April 27, 2007


When I got up this morning, the bloody foxes had been in our garden and dug up Isla. So when I get home from work I have to re-bury a 3 week old corpse. Nice. :(
I'm glad they didn't run off with her, but in the same breath am not looking forward to digging it all out again. I'm shocked they didn't eat our guinea pigs too.

We had parents evening at Ryan’s school last night which went well. He’s in the top sets and above average in all his lessons; the only complaints were him swinging on chairs, chatting too much and the occasional attitude problem. We’d already had words with him in the afternoon about that, so it was quite funny to have someone else back us up. He apologised for his attitude later that evening, so hopefully it’s in check for a little longer. We had loads of trouble last summer with his attitude, and we had to come down really hard on him but it worked. We don’t want to go back to that, it’s so calm in the house now. Lately he’s been pushing Taylor around, and talking to us like Kevin the teenager, mainly in “WOT”’s and grunts. He isn’t like it very often, but we aren’t prepared to put up with it at all.

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