Thursday, April 12, 2007

Our poor cat

Pete had an interview in London today, so the kids were to go to a childminder and I had to get myself to work. As Pete left he thought he saw our cat Isla lying dead in the road. He called me on his mobile to tell me, so I ran out with a towel to have a look. It was her. :(

This last week Isla had been staying out at night and not coming in no matter what I did, and I’m just angry that she didn’t come in last night. I went to collect Taylor from his friends at 9pm and she came with me, why didn’t I grab her and make her come in?

I scooped her up off the road, getting blood all over my work suit. I had to then bundle crying children into a cab and get to the childminders. I’m just gutted, she was such a lovely cat. She was patting at my fingers in bed the other night, playing with me really gently while I had my eyes shut, it was really sweet and I'll never forget it. She'd been really kittenish the last few days. I was only taking photos of her yesterday and playing with her out in the garden.

In a strange twist of fate, her owners that I've been looking for since she came, turned up the day she died. They only lived round the corner from me, and had heard Taylor talking about her and asked to come in and see her. She'd always been a wanderer apparently, and they knew Tilly(that was her name at her other house) must have moved in with someone else and hadn't been bothered about looking for her. They have one of her kittens at home, from last year, called Berry. They were really nice, I asked if they wanted to bury her, or should I do it. They said their children weren't bothered about her, and as we loved her so much and Taylor was clearly upset we could bury her here. I said that if they ever wanted to see where she was they could come over any time. Taylor was talking to the other owner, and she asked if we wanted any pictures of her when she was a kitten, which I thought was really sweet of her. Apparently she was about 6, and had come from a rescue centre in Cumbria originally! Pete suggested we bury her under the rock garden, so that's where she now is.

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Em's way said...

Sorry to hear of Tillys passing. RIP puss cat xx