Sunday, February 04, 2007

Best weekend EVER!

Firstly, I was off work on Thursday as I've had this virus for weeks now, it comes and goes but just won't piss off entirely. I needed a day in bed. Pete had James over so him and Isobel were occupied, which left me free to do, well, nothing really.
I went back on the Friday, to be faced with an envelope full of cash as our syndicate had got 5 balls on the lottery! Only £210 each, but who am I to complain? Unfortunately, if we'd got the bonus ball too it would've been £20,000 each, but we aren't that lucky. It means that I can now book the DJ for the reception, purchase my tiara making materials and get the two bridesmaids dresses.
Friday night I'd been invited by my friend Allie to her boyfriend Martins club night called Mata Boo Boo. They run it themselves in a little underground club in Southend. Allie played the first hour set so I had to be there at 9pm to support her. She had quite a big crowd already dancing, which is unusual for a first set. Here is a picture of one of Sam's mates whose name escapes me, Sam and I: The whole crowd in there were wicked, and we went back to an afterparty which didn't finish until 6am. There was a really random woman there who was off her nut, and she kept telling everyone her name was She-Ra. Very funny, well she kept me entertained! It was really nice to get to know everyone better. We headed back to Allie & Martins in the camper van, with a guy called Spider who was a friend of a friend, whom at the time we assumed was a safe person to bring back. He used to be a heroin addict(probably still is, in hindsight), and was obviously a bit messed up, and he'd been taking Valium all night and could barely walk. He had work in Rayleigh the next day, where Allie lives, so we did him a favour by bringing him with us. Sam and I shared a bed upstairs and left him on the sofa, but he came in to us at about 9am and we kicked him out. When we all got up at 11am we realised he'd been in Martin & Allie's room while they slept and stolen £160. Later that day we realised he'd also taken Allies brand new Camera and MP4 she'd got for Christmas. Their huge circle of friends obviously now have a bounty on his head. Their house insurance doesn't cover the items as they invited him in. It's so disappointing as the dance scene doesn't normally attract people like that. He was staying with a friend of theirs called Pedro, but he's been on the streets for years so chances are he won't come back. It ruined a great weekend for everyone and I hope Karma kicks his arse! I called my Mum last night for a chat and mentioned this guys real name(Bobby Jo Franks), and she only knew him! She works in the Crown Court and he's been up in court quite a few times.
I didn't get home until 6pm last night, then we got a curry, which saved me from having to cook. Pete's taken the boys to football, and he's coming back to get us girlies to go down the club at 12, so I'd best get dressed.

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