Monday, February 05, 2007


I got my fringe trimmed on Friday as I was starting to look like a sheepdog, peering out from underneath. I swear it gets shorter every time I get it cut. I must be getting braver. I guess this is as short as I wanted it in the first place, but didn't have the guts. It's taking some getting used to.

We've been over to my friend Jane's tonight for her daughter Jacey's birthday tea. Jane's been trying for a baby for about three years with her second husband, with no luck. She has two daughters aged 10 and 11, but lost her son at 34 weeks a while ago. She's thought she might be pregnant for two months now, but all the tests have been negative, but tonight she got two lines. I'm so pleased! I just hope it works out this time.

It's Taylor's 8th birthday on Thursday. Where has that time gone? I should be making his card right now, but I'm stalling on here, as usual.

Pete's Dad is still in hospital, but doing okay. He was moved to Southampton last week for his Angioplasty and some tests, but he caught the flu when he got there. He's starting to get better now so they should be able to go ahead with the tests soon.

Ryan got upset last night because he realises that if he wants to see Holly, he's going to have to speak to his Mum, and he just isn't prepared to do that. He gets upset because he knows how shit Holly and Eleanor's lives are going to be, but there is nothing he can do about it. What can you say to make him feel better though? You can't pretend it's all going to be okay for them. It won't be.

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