Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New beginnings

We finally got Taylor's start date for his new school. Essex County Council called me and told me they'd faxed the school, so I called the receptionist for a start date. I told her that he is so bored he's been doing my housework for me, and she laughed and said he could start tomorrow. Great timing as I'm off out for the day tomorrow, so that's one child down!

In other news, Pete is thinking of applying for a job. It's the kind of job that only comes along once in a lifetime. He was headhunted for it, and he wasn't sure whether to apply. We've talked and talked about it, and I think the kids and I have convinced him. The reason he wasn't sure about it was because it means Oxford. If he gets this job, it will mean a complete change of lifestyle for us, but more importantly, for the kids. Can you imagine? Moving from Basildon to Oxford! I don't want to leave my job, but I would for that, the two just don't compare really do they?
He hasn't got it yet of course, so we aren't getting too excited. He just spoke to the consultant, and the company have been trying to fill it for 8 months with no success, so it looks promising. If he does get it, Pete will have to move up there alone for the first 3-4 months to find us a house to rent. So, I'll effectively be a single parent for the first few months of our marriage!

Keep your fingers crossed for us.


Dan said...

Oooh nice :) Of course, bear in mind that some parts of Oxford are like some parts of Essex! Will keep everything crossed for you!

Of course, this happens AFTER you get school sorted! hehehe Admit it, you're panicing and want to move away before I get ya!

Laney said...

LOL. I'm going to be looking for you tomorrow, don't you worry. Mind you, I'm going in with him at 8.30am, so I doubt you'll be there that early!
He's not in Jaysens class I don't think, but his buddy next door(another Jason) is in his new class apparently. Jason next door said he knows your Jaysen. This could get confusing!