Friday, February 16, 2007

Making my tiara

A while ago, I decided to make my tiara. The style I'd chosen originally was complicated, but I could do it. Then, whilst looking for my materials I saw this one and fell in love. I'm going for a wild garden theme, so it's perfect.

I called the shop and it's £200 to buy, so I'm cheating and making my own version. It will obviously look nothing like this, but I'm stealing the colour ideas. Vintage golds, flowers, pearls and peridot. I spent £50 on beads from my lottery money, and today the wire came.

This is what fifty pounds worth of crafting materials looks like. I've made tiara's before from cheap bits and bobs, so now I'm crapping myself.

I made a start this afternoon, this is what I have so far of the spikes

This could take some time!

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