Thursday, February 15, 2007

Fresh air

I've been going stir crazy, what with all the rain we've had this week, so I'd checked the weather and we'd planned to go out for a walk today. Pete let me have a lovely lay in this morning, then Sam came over for a cuppa. Isobel and Harvey thought it would be good to have a tandem marathon potty session, which was cute. Isobel has wee'd on the potty three times this week, which seeing as she's refused to even sit on it since August, is a bit of a breakthrough.

At 2pm, we headed off out to Belhus Park in Aveley, which is somewhere I've always wanted to go as I'm both fascinated with and annoyed by the huge mansion that once stood there. It was stupidly demolished in 1957, and all that remains is a few paintings and the foundations in the middle of a golf course. What a waste!

It was a sunny day for February, but still, my pictures have come out a bit bleak.

Exactly two seconds after I took this, Isobel was face down in that puddle. I'm gutted I didn't catch her mid-splat. Does that make me an evil Mummy?

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