Monday, February 26, 2007

My Musical Monday#1

After seeing Dan's post over on his blog, I thought having a musical post every Monday would be fun, so here's mine.

Now, I know that Bjork is as mad as a bag of spiders, and you either love her or you hate her. Like Marmite.

Pete and I are firmly in the love camp, he'd never heard much of her until he met me, but I converted him. I first heard this song at a concert in 1995. It was actually a Blur concert, but the warm-up DJ played this and it was so loud I thought the drums at the beginning would make my ears burst. Almost ten years later, I'm pregnant with a daughter, and lo and behold we decide to name her after this song. I just adore it. It's about a girl living in the forest, alone, but she is actually a dual personality so she isn't alone. Weird, I know.


Dan said...

Mad as a bag of spiders... hahaha love it :D

But you're not wrong, she is a fruit loop of sorts. I'm not really a Bjork fan to be honest, but a couple of her songs I can handle.

I hate marmite though :D

Anyway, listening to the mad girlie now :)

Terri said...

Listening to her right now...
I don't know if I've ever heard any of her songs...

I see you over at Dan's all the time... came by to see your song for Monday!
I see there were a few of us followers!