Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Evil Bitch!

I spoke too soon about it all being quiet on the Sian front.

Pete's Mum called this morning, and Sian has called her to tell them that a) I'm a Spiritualist(wrong, I'm a Pagan, duh brain!), and b) we've been looking at apostate websites. An apostate is a Jehovah's Witness who turns their back on the religion, and openly refutes their beliefs. Pete, and Ryan, aren't apostates because they've just tried their hardest to forget about it. Apostates are completely ignored, and if you associate with an apostate, you become one yourself. This is an apostate website,for example, and a Jehovah's Witness would be forbidden from looking at that. Get caught, and you get disfellowshipped. We are not JW's and therefore can look at what we like.

However, we don't have much to do with Pete's family, and Pete likes to keep the peace. They don't know I'm Pagan, they've never asked, and I wouldn't lie if they did, but I'm certainly not into Spiritualism. Sian's plan is to try and stop Pete and Ryan having contact with his family by causing a rift, because Ryan isn't talking to her. The reason this is such an evil thing for her to do, is Pete's Mum and Dad are obviously not in a good place medically or mentally to deal with this right now. They should really, by the rules of the JW's, cut us out of their lives. Just like they should have cut us out of their lives when we moved into together, and when we had a child out of wedlock. They've chosen to ignore those rules, and have got away with it because Pete's Dad is an Elder. Hypocritical, but who are we to complain? This is a really bad time, and what kind of a sick freak calls a man who almost died to spread stories about his son?

Although we'd LOVE to call her up and give her a ton of abuse, that's what she wants us to do. The best thing is to stay quietly dignified. I can almost feel her stewing at home, waiting for that call. It'll piss her off more if we do nothing. We're just going to sit tight. This was the move of a desperate woman.


Dan said...

That woman and indeed, that religion, come across as a complete bunch of fruit loops!!

Glad some of the relatives bend the rules for you though :D

How goes the vegetable patch? Hope the frost a couple of days back didnt kill it all!

Laney said...

They are indeed freaks!

I haven't planted anything out yet. I'll be able to start a few seeds off indoors in the next few weeks, and plant a few outside in March, but for now it's just digging...boring!