Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ice Skating

We've just been ice skating for Taylor's birthday. We had a nice meal first at Pizza Hut(cheap too as Jane works there, half price!). I was dreading the skating part as I've only been once. About 5 years ago was my first time, when Pete and I took Ryan. After about an hour of clinging onto the sides for grim death, I managed to get the hang of it and let go, but I hated every minute of it.

This time it was was actually really good fun, and I managed to start up back where I left off 5 years ago, admittedly I'm not very good but I can go round without holding on. Taylor couldn't even put one foot in front of the other, but within an hour I had him skating round without holding. He loves falling over, that boy, so of course it means nothing to him to hit the deck. He spent a lot of time on his arse, laughing. When the staff took his boots off for him they were full of about a pint of water. I wouldn't have been surprised to see a fish plop out, they were that full! Here are some pictures, not very good ones I'm afraid as it was an outdoor rink and it's dark. My camera just couldn't hack it.

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