Sunday, February 25, 2007

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Pete took all the kids to Portsmouth overnight on Thursday so I was here by myself. His Dad has come round from his operation now, but his lungs collapsed on Thursday and they thought they were going to lose him. Hopefully he's through the worst of it now. Pete was getting hassled again by his sister about going back to the meetings though. It makes me so MAD! She asked what I thought of it all, and Pete warned her to never even consider witnessing to me, as I'm the last person to try and convert. I'll rip her head off!
I had a peaceful few hours alone in the house, it's a shame I was working during the day as I could got loads done around the house. I got home on the Friday evening and had the nicest bath, alone, with no one hassling me. I was going out with the girls from work for a meal, and getting ready in a quiet house was bliss.
We went out for a curry, and got pretty drunk. We had a bottle of wine each, then I had about 6 JD and cokes. I wasn't as drunk as Karen though, she was sooo embarrassing. We went back to Val's house for another drink and Karen went upstairs and woke up her two teenage daughters. She has been to Val's house before, so she wasn't a complete stranger, but even so, I was mortified. She was being really cheeky. I bet she felt awful when she woke up the next day. This is the only pic that is publishable, the rest are all extreme close ups of peoples noses, and tops of heads. :)
This is Jacqui, Karen, Val and Me

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