Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I don't keep anything from Pete, ever. I share everything with him, and it eats me up when I can't. Therefore, I hate it when people tell me secrets, as I can't keep them from him, I end up telling him, and he's terrible for judging people. I should just keep my mouth shut.
Someone told me a secret a few days ago, and it's driving me crazy, but this is one I really can't tell anyone. The person even approached me again a few days later and swore me to secrecy. Arrgghh!

Pete's Dad had his tests today, and some more tomorrow, and it's worse than they thought. He's got to have open heart surgery, which of course he'll refuse to have blood for.

Isobel's Pre School has cost us £30 so far, and what a waste! She hates every minute of it, and screams the whole time she is there. We've both tried staying with her to settle her in, but it makes no difference. I've just sat there with her for 45 minutes, and given up and brought her home. She won't even let me out of the chair next to her. There is a horrible little boy there who seems to follow her around, so I'm not surprised she hates it. Every toy she picks up he snatches off her, even with me there watching. He kept trying to lock her out of the play house, so she just kicked down his barricade. At least she's not a pushover.
I've paid up for this week, then it's closed for half term, and to be honest there is no point in sending her back afterwards. She obviously isn't ready yet. Taylor didn't go until he was over three, and we had no trouble at all with him. She doesn't have to go either, as we are at home with her anyway.

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