Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Half Term

Well, I love half term. It's been great so far. Monday I took Isobel and Jake to Toddler Gymnastics. It was fantastic, best kids activity I've ever been to, and I've been to a few. It's in a proper gymnastics club, they get free rein on all the full size equipment, even the grown ups get a go! They have a huge 8 foot deep pit full of chunks of foam, you can springboard into it. We had a riot launching ourselves into it with the kids. We met some friends in there too, and it was a good job as you need four adults for the three children we had with us. It was exhausting. They all came back for a cuppa and a chat in more peaceful surroundings. Then at 12 they left and Taylor had to go to his craft club, just as it started to chuck it down, so we got soaked. Taylor had dinner at Georgie's then stayed over for the night, so that was one kid down and two to go! I had a nice chat with my friend Martin on the phone, it always makes me smile to talk about the good old days. Makes me feel old though. We also heard that Pete's Dad's operation has been put back, so he won't be travelling down there until Thursday now, which means I will get to spend time with him on Valentines Day. Then Ryan decided to go to the under 18's night at Ikon, so by 6pm we had Isobel in bed and the house to ourselves. We cracked open a bottle of wine and watched movies in bed. It was sooo quiet here. Ryan came home at 11pm with a friend from school called Reece, who we've not had back here before. He seemed really nice, a real chatterbox. Just my kind of person. They've been inseparable all day, so hopefully he's got another close friend there. Ryan also managed to persuade a girl to snog him last night, it being Valentines and all, so he's been flying high all day today. Teenagers!

Today, we got up and cracked on with decorating the hallway, building a weights bench, building a bookcase, sorting all our books that have been boxed up for years, and doing the usual day to day cleaning, all while looking after two toddlers. Whew! Taylor went ice skating again today with Georgie and his Mum, and then his Dad came to see him tonight. It was his birthday a week ago, and he's only just bothered to come round. We'd made tentative plans for him to have him on Friday, then he never called! I had a right go at him on the phone earlier, but he had the usual 'working late' excuse. He also told me a while ago that he might pay for Taylor's flights to Australia this Xmas as part of his birthday present, and he told Taylor, then he came round with £50 in an envelope tonight(with a few other small presents). Fifty pounds isn't going to get him very far now, is it? Colour me baffled. Why say it if you can't afford it? He's just constantly letting Taylor down.

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