Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

Yes, I know this post is late, but I was too busy being wined and dined last night to come and update my blog. I had a life, for once!

Yesterday got off to a bad start when two traveller children, who moved onto the estate last year and have caused nothing but trouble since, decided to beat Taylor up. Taylor has been told not to play with them, so him and his mate picked up their football and started to walk home when these two boys arrived. They told Taylor they wanted to tell him something, and when he went back over to them one held him down while the other one punched him in the face repeatedly. I grabbed both of them and Pete and I gave them such a bollocking that they shit themselves. I've called the police and reported it, mainly so that if we get bricks through our windows it's on record. To be honest, nothing has happened yet so I'm not too worried. They're about ten or eleven, and he's eight. I fear for my kids futures, I really do.

Pete got me they above bunch of roses for Valentines, which was a nice surprise. He's great for buying me flowers all year round, but he hasn't bought me roses for a few years. We had a nice Italian meal, tried to choose the lowest calorie stuff we could, which was a nightmare. It's our anniversary in a few weeks, the 4th March, so we'll have to try and arrange something for that too that costs as little money as possible. We used to go away for the weekend, but it won't be happening this year with the wedding to pay for. We've got the rest of our lives for that, plus we'll have two anniversaries next year! I'm sure we'll make up for it. :)

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