Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pre-School Woes

Isobel really cried at pre-school today, bless her. Her keyworker said to Pete on Friday that they often hate their second week, so she's obviously seen it happen a lot. I think reality sets in and they realise this is a permanent thing.
She wouldn't have her sleep this morning, she was yawning when I was putting her coat on at 12.30 to go, so tears were on the cards really, All the way there I was saying 'Do you want to go to school?', and she was replying 'Yes please!'. As soon as I went to unzip her coat she burst into tears! She'd stopped before I left, but they called me after about 45 minutes and said she'd been crying on and off, what did I want to do. Being the hard arse that I am I said we should let her get on with it. Evil Mummy! When I went to collect her she wasn't crying, but as soon as she saw me she started. I said 'Have you had a good time' and she went 'Yeah'. Drama queen! She took me over to see her painting that she did. It's...ummm...interesting. Apparently, according to Isobel it's a road, but to us it looks like a big brown splodge.

I've cheated on my diet this week really. I've felt so rough that I've not been able to exercise since last Wednesday. My food hasn't been terrible, but I have had the odd treat. I was struggling to shift the weight without the treats, so I'll never lose it with them. I'm not going to get disheartened though, because if I do that I'll give up. I'll just have to try harder tomorrow, now that I'm feeling a little better! I've just been invited out at the weekend too, and I've worked out that I burn 2300 calories if I dance for just 4 hours, and honestly when I go out I'm more likely to dance for 6...non stop. I just love to dance! I'm going to make sure I do my dance workout DVD tomorrow, get those muscles warmed up for the weekend.

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