Saturday, January 13, 2007


Well, the good news is I did a test on Friday and it was negative, then my period showed up today. Although I'd happily have another baby, I'd love to, I would quite like to get married first. Can you imagine telling all those people that had booked that holiday to attend our wedding, that we couldn't go? It would've been awful. I've been reliably informed that the exercise is probably what messed up my cycle, as I've gone from nothing to 30 minutes a day. It's a shock to the system, trust me. I don't blame my body for going on strike.

I did a trip to a craft exhibition on Thursday, and spent some hard earned pennies on some stuff for my craft box. I need to make some more cards as the supply is dwindling down.

Last night was my friend Jane's birthday, so we went to her house with another couple and got a Chinese takeaway to celebrate. Taylor and Isobel stayed at my Mums, but Ryan came with us, and promptly fell asleep. We played Buzz, and I kept winning, which I hate. I haven't got a competitive bone in my body. I know it sounds really sad, all my friends take the piss when I say it, but I hate winning! I don't mind being the centre of attention in many other ways, but winning isn't one of them. It's the same feeling as opening presents with people watching me, I find it uncomfortable. We sneaked of at 1am and left Ryan there, so we had the house to ourselves. No prizes for guessing what we got up to.

Pete and I went food shopping and to the Garden Centre(how very suburban! HaHaHa!) to pick up my seed potato's today. I'm so excited about planting them, but I have to wait for another 5 weeks yet. I'll start sprouting them in a little while. I didn't want a huge bag full as I'm only doing a few tubs, so I was pleased to find a bag of ten for £1.69.

We all sat down together and played Uno for a couple of hours tonight, Taylor thrashed us all loads of times. The boys and Pete all have football tomorrow so Isobel will be 'helping' me dig the garden, if it doesn't rain.

Sod it, if it rains, we'll dig it anyway!

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