Monday, January 08, 2007

Crazy hair

I swear, it gets bigger everyday. It's wild!

I took Isobel to have a nose around her pre school today. She seemed to like it, and has been going on about 'Isobel's School' ever since to everyone. Hopefully she'll be doing two afternoons a week in the next few weeks, I just have to wait for their phone call as they have a space for her.

She isn't our baby anymore...boooooooooooo! :(


Dan said...

I bet she can't wait for school! hehe
And her resembles springs growing from her head - sooo adorable - but I don't relish the work you probably have to put in to it!!

Have you heard from Lara of late? Her blog went quiet after her unhappy post, and I wanted to make sure she's OK, made it through Xmas & New Year, and is generally doing OK :)

Lara said...

I'm still about Dan, I'm just up to my eyeballs with work and Jake-stuff (he's all unsettled again) and haven't had 5 minutes to post on my blog. Sorry for not getting back to you, didn't mean to make you worry...