Saturday, January 20, 2007

What have I been up to this week...

...well, it's dragged BIG TIME. I've got quite a lot done, but now we're half way through the weekend already.

On Wednesday evening I met Lara at The Lotus Rooms, which is a little salon in Wickford. Lara got me a voucher for a relaxation treatment months ago, but being so busy I hadn't had a chance to get up there. I had a back massage and head massage, it was lovely.

Thursday and Friday at work were the usual really. I fell asleep at 6pm on Thursday as I was so tired.

Today Taylor's football was cancelled, but Ryan still had training. Ryan has another team after him, but we won't let him make any decisions until the end of the season. Then Pete took the boys swimming or a few hours. I didn't want to go as I'm full of cold, so Isobel had to miss out too. Pete had his hands full teaching Taylor to swim, so he wouldn't of been able to look after her too.

I had to go into town today to buy new school uniforms for the boys, but ended up getting loads of bargains for the garden too. I got my log roll edging for my raised beds for £6. I was going to pay £15 for it online so I was pleased with that. I've got all my seeds & onion sets today too.
I got 75 Stuttgarter Giant onion sets for 99p, and Parsley, Rocket, Sunflower, Musselburgh Leek, Parsnip, Mixed Lettuce and Spring Onion seeds for £3.50. Bargain! I'm out in the garden tomorrow building the rest of the bed, so I need to pop out for more compost too. I just hope it doesn't rain tomorrow as I'm really looking forward to getting out there.

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