Friday, January 26, 2007

Not a good day already...

... and it's only 10am. Pete just called me to let me know that his Dad has had a heart attack and is in the hospital. He's stable but it's not looking good. He's going to go down there tonight and stay over, not that there is much he can do apart from look after his Mum. Pete's Dad is her carer as she has a severe mental illness, although it's pretty much under control, so she needs help too. I'm probably leaving the kids with my Mum and going with him.

The thing is, Pete's Dad is an Elder of the Jehovah's Witnesses, so if he needs surgery he won't be accepting blood. There is probably no way he's going to accept it, but I do hope he is thinking about it. Maybe this will shake his faith in the doctrines?

I'm not ready for another funeral. :*(


Candace said...

Maybe that link will help. When the WTS started saying JW's could accept blood fractions, they based that on the "natural movement" of certain blood fractions between a mother and her unborn fetus. Today it is known by doctors and scientists that virtually all components of blood move naturally between a mother and the fetus. So, based on that reasoning maybe Pete's father can rethink his choices on the blood issue and medical care.

Bree said...

Oh my goodness, how terrible. I do hope that your FIL gets through this and back to full health. I've never understood that blood issue with the JW's, but I haven't really met any to ask about it. I hope that everything turns out ok. Lovely blog, btw. Your little girl has the lovliest hair!