Wednesday, January 10, 2007

In a bit of a pickle

This is about womens stuff, so any squeamish men look away now.

My period is late. Very late, 12 days to be exact.

That's pretty late.

I realised on Monday that it hadn't arrived yet. I'd got caught up with all the festivities of Christmas and hadn't noticed. So I got out my diary, worked it out, and there you have it. Panic stations.

Normally this would be a shock, but still a joyous occasion. This is soooo not the right time. Pete just laughed maniacally when we talked about it.

Despite me wanting another baby, this is not good, because I won't be able to get married.

I worked out that if I am, we'll fly back when I'm 38 weeks pregnant, and the airline don't let you fly after 32 weeks. We can't cancel really as loads of our friends have booked to come with us. So that'll be me staying at home.

We don't really think that I am as my usual stuff hasn't shown up yet. I get dizzy spells and milk cravings really early on. I have been weeing a lot, but have I only noticed it because my period is late? Psychosomatic symptoms anyone?

If Pete remembers to buy a test for me tonight while he's out(which he won't), hopefully I'll be posting with good news tomorrow. Although I'd be quite happy for this to happen in 6 months time, please not now! PLEASE!


Dan said...

So, do I cross my fingers in the "YAY BABY!" department, or for the "NO BABY!" section? If that little stick you pee on says "BABY, baby!" will you be happy or sad? What if you get the reverse, "NO BABY, baby!" will you be happy, sad, relieved?

I get broody, so need to know which way to be rooting here! hehe

Laney said...

You need to be rooting in the 'No Baby YET' section!

Dan said...

Yeah but see, I don't know if I LIKE that section. After all, babies are COOL.

I remain on the fence hoping for the best news for you, but holding a candle just in case a baby makes itself known. I think we need you to spill the beans already though!

Dan said...

Soooo... up the duff? bun in the oven? or just your body clock running slow from alcohol poisoning? hehe