Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Oh Crap

We're preparing for tears from Taylor here, as it looks like Nanny Farm's budgie is on it's last legs. Snowy keeps gagging and having mini fits, almost like a Tourettes sufferer, and is puffed up and sickly looking. I only give it a few hours really. I guess it's old age as they don't live that long. I've warned Taylor that it's going to happen and he didn't look pleased.
The whole grief thing over his Nan is going to kick in again, as it's all we have left of her. I'm trying to keep her fluids up but I don't hold out much hope. :(

UPDATE: Since my last entry I force fed Snowy some water(she wasn't happy about THAT!), and she's perked up a bit.

Sian called, I answered, and said I thought Ryan had just left(they were putting their shoes on to go out), but I didn't think he wanted to speak to her. Ryan came to the phone and said very clearly and concisely that he didn't want to talk to her, she'd really upset him on the holiday, and he wanted to be left alone. She said fine and put down the phone, and that was that. He felt guilty for a while, but relieved too. He seems fine now, and soon ran off to play football. I wonder if this is it?

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