Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Where is our summer?

I'm so sick of this weather now. It's meant to be nice tomorrow and I'm at work, stuck in a windowless cave of an office all day.

Pete threw a complete hissy fit on the way to Ryan's presentation evening as we only had £18 to spend on drinks(food was included anyway), and he was too embarrassed to sit there with only one coke each all night. We talked him round, and when we got there the drinks were free anyway. Duh!
As predicted, Ryan got an extra award for his outstanding football this season. The manager says a few words about the winners before he says their name, and he said loads about Ryan. He said they never win games without him, that he is amazing to watch on the pitch, and compared him to John Terry! Of course, my camera chose the exact moment that he went up to collect it to run out of batteries, so no photos. We all had a good time, but on the way back out to the car Ryan dropped his league trophy(the one that all the boys get), and it smashed all over the floor. We had to laugh, the little footballer on the trophy had lost his arms and legs, so we gathered him all up and drove off. It wasn't until we got home that we realised we'd forgotten his head!
Today I went to the seaside with Sam & Harvey. We got all the way there and Sam realised she'd forgotten her purse, so we had to turn around with two moaning toddlers in the back, because of course they'd seen the beach by then. They weren't happy bunnies! Finally we got back and got settled on the sandy part of the beach, and then it started to rain. We hid under a climbing frame for about 30 minutes, we must have looked like right nutters. You certainly don't expect to be constantly sheltering from downpours in the middle of July.


Thursday said...

I laughed out loud at the arms, legs and forgotten head :)

Laney said...

It was very funny. I keep meaning to take a picture of the decapitated footballer for your amusement.