Thursday, July 26, 2007


I feel totally let down by my Dad. I've tried my hardest to ignore it up to now, but now that there is a collection going around at work for me, and the committee is paying for some of my reception catering, it has made me realise what an arse my father is. I'm sure my boss has only done all this out of pity, as we were talking about it today and he seemed really angry for me. This isn't about monetary value, my Dad could've given us £50 or £500, it's about the gesture, which obviously means nothing to him. I'm his only daughter, his only child, and he's shown no interest at all in my wedding. I'd understand if he hated Pete, and didn't agree with us getting married, but they've always got on well. He just has no feelings about me either way and doesn't give a crap whether I feel supported by my family, or not. I'm not surprised, and I find myself making excuses for his behaviour, which just makes me look like a moron. The thing that makes me upset the most, is that all these people around me have lost respect for my Dad. None of us feel the same way about him now, and before this he was always one of my favourite people. Pete, my friends, the boys, my work colleagues, the rest of my family...they all think he's an idiot. Elderly men and women whom I look after at work, who survive on pittance a week, have put more money into our big day than my own father has.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, Claire. Hopefully one day he'll look back and see how much he missed, and it won't be too late to make up for it. It's his loss.

Thursday said...

Let-down Dad's are a bit of a let-down, I know.