Friday, July 06, 2007

Day off

I had the day off work today, so we ran some errands in the morning, preparing for my hen weekend, then went to the cemetery. On the way there, we stopped at my Nan's flat. I've not been able to go there since the funeral, not even able to drive past. For some weird reason, I've been feeling pretty numb about it all this week(that's grief for you I guess), so felt able to go. How weird that the anniversary of her death would actually see me feeling better about it all. I would've thought I'd feel terrible. We had to drop off some invites to my Nan and Grandads two surviving friends, Doreen & Lyn. These two women have watched me grow up, so I'd like them to be there. We had Isobel with us, she hadn't been there since the last time she stayed there in the June before Nanny Farm died, and she kept looking around with this bemused look on her face. The front door to the flat was especially weird for her, you could see she knew she recognised it, but didn't understand why. At the cemetery, the wild flowers, pansies and bulbs I planted have all grown, it looks much nicer than just bare earth.

I've had a mad day of rushing about and cleaning, getting ready for all my friends to stay over in the evening. Becky arrived from Coventry at 4pm, so she mucked in with the hoovering. I made pizzas and everyone arrived just as they were cooked. We all got our outfits for the Saturday night out to show everyone. As we are going to Carwash we've had to dress in retro outfits, everyone has put loads of effort in and we are all going to look great. We had a few drinks, but didn't go mad. We've had a right laugh painting each others nails, and picking out eye shadows from my extensive collection! Claire brought round some old school photos of us, it was very embarrassing. Most of them have stayed over, only Claire and Laura went home for the night, and the rest of us are all sleeping downstairs. I feel like I am 13 again, having a sleepover with my school friends.

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