Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Busy little bees

We've all been busy with wedding stuff this week, I've finally finished my invites so will be posting the last of them this week. I sent some to my Dad's family that I bumped into at the presentation a few weeks ago, and they've emailed me and they are all coming. I was so pleased when I saw that.
We had our injections for Hepatitis A today, that was fun. They didn't have enough, so Ryan has to go back next Friday. We also bought our wedding rings online yesterday, which was exciting. I have to get mine made smaller as soon as it arrives as they'd sold out of my size. I'm off work sick with a virus tomorrow, I just can't face going in. Pete had it at the beginning of the week and has given it to me, my muscles are all aching and I can't stop sleeping.
Taylor had a football trial for a huge local team last Saturday, and they've asked him to play in a tournament for them this Saturday. Hopefully they'll want to sign him up. It's going to be a pain getting him there as Pete is on his Stag weekend, there are buses that run that way but I'd rather be in the car! Hopefully it won't be long until I pass my test and I can have the new car we've just bought. Ryan is at a trial for Southend United youth team right now as I type, Pete is just picking him up. Hopefully it went well.

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