Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I'm supposed to be cleaning...

...not typing on here!

We've had some good news about the house today, our brokers have found another mortgage company who are willing to lend to us, given the proposed demolition of the estate. We are in phase 3 so not getting touched for at least 8-10 years anyway, so I don't see what the first lenders problem was. This of course means that our plans to buy, remodel, rent out then sell on in a few years time(with the profit then funding our little dream house in the country) are back on. It also means that I still have the arduous task of ripping out and refitting our kitchen all by myself before Christmas. Yikes.

We've been eating stuff out of the garden all week this week, it's been lovely. We had the last of the Catriona potatoes with lamb last night, and we had some French beans with it too. They must have been good as even Ryan and Pete ate them, and they don't do beans! Tonight I made Carbonara so pinched a white onion to go in that(even though they aren't mature yet), with a side salad from the garden. The lettuce has been worth it's weight in gold and I'd encourage anyone who eats enough of the supermarket trash to get a packet of seeds and a grow bag. We must save about £3 a week on lettuce. My cherished sweetcorns have finally grown some cobs, five so far. I was terrified that this cold weather would have stopped them from flowering but they are battling on. I can't wait to eat them, dripping in butter.

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