Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday again

I can't believe it's been a week since my hen weekend, but of course that also means we are a week closer to the wedding. Twenty six more sleeps until we fly! Pete is on his Stag do in Newcastle this weekend, he left this morning. I hope they aren't being too mean to him.
We recently had to re-apply for our Working Families Tax Credit, everyone has to do it around this time, and Pete had a phone call saying there was a problem regarding Ryan. We think Sian has tried to claim for him and the Inland Revenue have picked up on it. We've had him here for two years now and never had a problem claiming before, so why now? She's a cheeky cow. Once Pete spoke to them and straightened it all out they put the claim through, I do hope she gets a phone call.
I was off work today so took Isobel to Wat Tyler with Sam & Harvey. It was surprisingly hot, I put suncream on Isobel and she still went red. It's not like her at all, although she's blonde she isn't necessarily fair. Her skin is quite olivey like mine, and she has grey green eyes. We've also got my Mum's tough skin.

Now I really must go to bed, it's 12.30am and I have a football tournament with Taylor tomorrow at 9am, and it's a few miles away. We have to leave at a stupid time in the morning, 7.45am or something, to catch a bus. We are never going to make it!

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