Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I took these sunset pictures last night. When Pete saw them he said "The estate is on fire!". My first thought was "Shame it isn't!". That would be one way to raze it to the ground.

I popped into the newsagents yesterday, and noticed they had a paper round going. I sent Ryan over there when he got in from school, and he got the job. It's a morning round, he has to be up at 7am(he's an early riser anyway), and he'll get £14 a week. I think that's loads! He'll have more spending money than I do. I would never ever have an average of £60 a month to spend on what I liked, plus he gets about £20 pocket money. Lucky bugger!
We have his football presentation tonight, hopefully he'll win a few awards as he carries the team a lot of the time. He couldn't play last week and they got stuffed, as usually happens. I don't know what it is, as he isn't an outstanding player, or a goalscorer, but they just seem to hold it together better when he is there.

Taylor has been really upset this week as his best friend Josh has gone to stay at his Dad's for the whole summer holiday, then when they get back his Mum will have moved away so he will obviously not be coming back here. He's cried loads, bless him. Here are two pictures of them on Saturday night. They're a bit blurry because I took them at dusk.

I have also added some new pictures from my Hen Weekend, here. I can't take the credit for them, Allie took them, I've just pinched them off her Facebook page!

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