Sunday, July 15, 2007


I've had a marvelous evening. I had a bottle of champagne left over from last weekend, so I've been plotting all week to send the kids to bed early and drink it all to myself. Finally, at about 9.30pm, I packed them all off, popped the cork, and settled down to a Vince Vaughn film.

My aunt Marion called earlier to confirm she was coming to the wedding. It was lovely to talk to her, and something she said struck a chord with me. She said she felt sorry for me, that my Dad is so antisocial, as her and my Uncle Bob have always had close relationships with their kids. They are really involved with their grand kids, and are in contact almost daily. What went wrong with my Dad?

Taylor's football tournament today was a nightmare. I realised that we couldn't get the bus as it would mean walking for ten minutes along unpaved country lanes with a pushchair, which just isn't safe, so we had to get a cab(costing £15!). We were told to be there at 9am, and we did. Then, it didn't start until 10.30am. If you could see how unruly Isobel is when it come to being near football pitches, the thought of this would fill you with dread. She is awful, she just wants to play on the pitch, and sitting there for 5 hours bargaining with her, bribing her with sweets, and shouting at her, at the cost of £35 in travel and expenses for the whole day, was not my idea of fun. Taylor enjoyed himself, but the team were rubbish(they won their league this season but today were particularly bad). Taylor was a substitute for a lot of the games so the losses weren't his fault, but the other parents made him feel like it was his fault for being new. I'm not sure we are going to send him to play for this team, the other parents and children were rude, had bad attitudes, were far too competitive(it's supposed to be fun!)and just generally left me with a bitter taste. I got bad vibes from them, as did Ryan, and I'm not paying £100 a year signing on fee for Taylor to hang around with arseholes. One particular woman soured the whole day for everybody. She moaned, stuck her nose in the air, and generally looked down on everyone, yet it was her younger boys who were swearing(at 4 years old!) and causing trouble. If the manager asks me why we don't want to sign Taylor up I shall tell him! Ryan remarked that she reminded him of his Mum, which can't be good!

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