Monday, July 09, 2007

Hen weekend

I've had such a good time, it went better than I could've ever expected, and I wouldn't change a thing.

On the Saturday morning, Allie's boyfriend Martin picked up those of us that stayed over, and took us to Wickford station in the camper van. The other two were going to travel on the Fenchurch line and meet us in London.

We got there first, so we walked from Liverpool street to Tower Hill, and got an ice cream and sat down by the bridge. Allie works near there so we had a guided tour of some cool buildings. I'd never been this close to the gherkin before, it's huge!

This building has been demolished from the ground up, and the remaining staircase holding it up looks like two legs. It looks like it's about to walk off!

We got to the final destination at about 2.30pm and walked to our hotel. I was shitting myself at the state of the hotel, I was expecting a right dive for £30 a night. It was great, just like Faulty Towers. It had that whole shabby chic thing going on, I'd definitely stay there again. The rooms were much better than we expected.

I'd planned to go to an Italian with a set lunch menu, but as the lunch menu finished at 3.30pm and we'd missed that, we sort of just wandered around Kensington looking for another, but nothing took our fancy. Most of the restaurants couldn't even spell their menu's right, which doesn't fill you with confidence! One was serving 'Frech Lobster', and as we weren't sure what 'Frech' actually stood for, we gave it a miss! We ended up walking to our planned original restaurant anyway, the Il Falconiere, and we were all so glad we did. It's honestly one of the best Italians I've ever had, and the manager let us still have the lunchtime set menu. The Tiramisu was the best I've ever tasted. I bought a bottle of wine, and then Becky secretly ordered a bottle of champagne which everyone chipped in for. I'm addicted to the stuff, it's like a drug to me, so that was a nice treat. At some point I went to the loo downstairs, and I knew they were up to something as I could hear them whispering. Up till this point we hadn't had a theme for the hen weekend, like most people do. There is normally a common theme, like school disco outfits, or pink ladies, but we hadn't done anything like that. What I didn't realise, is that while Claire and Laura had been late they had been secretly buying 7 pairs of huge ridiculous 70's sunglasses in Basildon(I already had a pair to go with my outfit), and when I came up the stairs they were all sitting there grinning like Cheshire cats with them on! Of course, I'd left mine at the hotel so had ruined the 'look'. After that, we all wore our sunglasses everywhere, and this theme kind of developed from nowhere. We got some right funny looks walking down the high street.

As we left the restaurant the owner looked me in the eye and said 'I like your shoes'. How is that for random? I only had my converse on! Maybe that was his best chat up line. Here is the stud muffin himself!

We went back to the hotel for a snooze(yay for no kids!), then started to get ready. When I went into the bathroom, Claire and Laura decorated my room with balloons and banners and sparkly stuff. Everyone came up to our room and we had a party. I did Sam & Allie's make up, and Becky curled Allie's hair, we had three bottles of booze and some shots and had the 70's tunes blaring out.

It was probably the best bit of the weekend for me, it was so much fun. We all covered ourselves in glitter, and finally headed out to face the public dressed up to the nines.
Here we all are about to leave(with me looking scarily like my Mother 20 years ago!)

These are photos of us all out having it large, stolen from Allie. They've come out all double exposed, but I think they look kind of cool! The club was really good, not as pretentious as I'd thought, and the music was good. I had a really good time, even though the men in there were creeps. I had hands up my dress on more than one occasion, and we all got propositioned at some point(especially Allie, poor girl!). Becky got suckered into dancing with the smelliest man on in the whole club, possible on the whole planet, so we had to rescue her.

Unfortunately, the drinks are really expensive, and by 2 am we'd all ran out of money. I made the decision to leave before we got bored, so we got some munchies and jumped in a cab back to the hotel. We all came up to my room to carry on drinking, and as I laid down on my bed I realised that Claire had put a giant dildo under my pillow. I think I screamed. Two random men then knocked on the door and asked to come to the party(they probably heard my screaming). I just shut the door in their faces, weirdo's. Of course, I felt a little bad when they got in the lift the next morning. I'm not quite so bolshy once the booze has worn off.
We went down to our English breakfast at 9.30am, and prepared ourselves for a fight, as we'd paid for 9 beds but there were only 7 of us, but goddammit we wanted our 9 breakfasts! The poor woman couldn't understand a word we were saying, but eventually the two spare breakfasts came out with what I can only describe as a stamped on sausage on the plate. It had either been run over, or put through a mangle. Surprisingly, we didn't eat it. I had a hair in my mushrooms, but other than that we all survived the food(no one's died as of yet anyway). We left Faulty Towers at 11.30am and started the trek home.

The journey home was just as much fun as the one there...

...but then we said our sad goodbyes to Claire, Laura and Leigh at Tower Hill, while the rest of us carried on home to Wickford.

It was one of the most fun weekends of my life, I'll remember it for ever and I'm sure we'll all be talking about it for a long time to come. No one there really knew each other at the start, and by the end of it we'd all bonded and never wanted to go home. I laughed so much I cried all my make up off, more than once, and everyone treated me like a queen. Thanks girlies!

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