Saturday, July 21, 2007

Problems in the garden

All over the country, allotmenteers and commercial growers are losing their potato and tomato crops to blight. I thought I'd escaped because I'm sheltered in the middle of a housing estate, but today I found some suspicious
looking black patches on a stem. If it's spread by tomorrow then it's the beginning of the end. :(

I had a bit of a palaver with my wedding ring on Thursday. It was quite weird how it came about actually. I'd picked out the ring I wanted last year, and last week it was on sale so we ordered it online, but they only had large sizes. I was told by the jewellers that we could get it re-sized for free, but when I went into the jewellers to arrange the re-sizing they backtracked and said it wasn't possible due to the style of ring. I was really upset as it was the one I'd set my heart on, but they opened the wall case so I could have a look at some others to exchange it with. I tried on a tiny thin band with diamonds set into it, one that I would've never picked up before, and on my finger next to my engagement ring they just look like they were made for each other. I'm really pleased with it(it's actually an eternity ring, but shhhhhhh, don't tell anyone!). It should be ready on the 27th, and that is the last bit of organising we need to do.
Here is my ring, then Petes:

Pete had a stag do to go to yesterday, at a go-karting place, so I went and did my final bit of shopping. It's all done now, I got far too much, so much for packing light! All we have left to do now is finish packing, get some insurance and speak to the DJ and Jim about the catering. There is lots of whispering and sneaking around going on at work at the moment as they are doing a massive collection for me on the sly, and not doing a very good job of it. I really hate surprises so I'm glad I've realised so I can prepare myself for the embarrassment of them presenting it for me. Seventeen sleeps to go!

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