Wednesday, July 25, 2007


The weather in Jamaica for the last week and the coming week has been thunderstorms every day. Not good at all. Although, they get rain there every afternoon for about an hour, so I've been told, so it doesn't ruin your holiday as such, but it might ruin the wedding day. Bugger.

We went to the Basildon Festival on Sunday, which is a free event put on by my wonderful employers Basildon Council, and the whole day is completely lost on the uncultured and unwashed masses, who all go for the beer tent and that alone. Taylor had a go at laser paint balling;

And Isobel threw a tantrum because she wanted to go on a slide and couldn't wait for more than a second, goddammit!

The best part of the day was us bumping into one of my old friends who I'd lost contact with. We'd been friends since I was 14 and she was 17, and when Pete and I first met we were inseparable. Unfortunately, she started dating a man that Pete took a strong dislike to(he tried to force me to kiss him at a party once, he pushed me up against a wall, not a nice man at all. Pete wanted to kill got ugly). They were together for 4 years and we lost contact about 3 years ago, in fact when I was pregnant with Isobel was the last time we saw her. I'd heard they'd split, but I'm not one to call up out of the blue and say "Hey, you dumped John, want to be friends again?". Anyway, we swapped numbers, I'm going to call her tomorrow night for a chat. Maybe we can restart our friendship. Seeing her made my day.

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