Thursday, November 30, 2006


Blimey, it's got windy all of a sudden. I'm not sure if we've been predicted gales force winds tonight, but they came on really suddenly about an hour ago. At least all my animals are in the warm. My Guinea Pigs love being indoors. As soon as you open the fridge they squeal for more veggies!

We have a new volunteer in work. She doing her NVQ in care and needed a work placement. She sounds as if she is Eastern European, and her name is Corniche, which is strange! She's a nice girl, and good fun to have around. We like cheerful people in the office. I'm taking 100 people out for a three course meal tomorrow at work, which should be nice. Pete is coming with me, which makes a change as my Mum normally comes.

It's been pretty boring here to be honest. I've started packing Ryans bag for his Mums. He's crapping his pants about going, and she hasn't been nice to him on the phone for weeks. I'm sure he's going to have fun...not!


Dan said...

Gales?! I didn't get any gales, and I left my windows open last night as I was warm! hehe You have all the fun on your estate ;)

Laney said...

We had wind battering our house all night. How strange. Even my coach driver on Friday commented on how windy it had been. You must live in a twilight zone!

I bet you got the winds last night though? Isobels garden toys have blown all over the garden. Even the little trampoline has gone over!