Friday, November 24, 2006

More fighting!

Jane came over on an impromptu visit last night, bearing gifts of wine, so I was pleased(even though it was a work night). We drank the first bottle, then went up the shop for another, which went down rather quickly too. Pete went up the shop and got us another, which we settled down to drink, when Ryan runs in crying as he's had a fight. I mentioned this boy Billy in this post back on the 3rd of November. The police went round to see him after this incident, gave us a crime number and told us to call if anything else happened and they'd arrest him. He causes a lot of problems here and the police are well aware of him and his family.
Anyway, Billy was threatening to stab these three girls, then he saw Ryan smile at something and laid into him for laughing! Ryan did defend himself but had marks on his neck and a lump on his head. Pete went out after him and asked him what was going on. The kid said 'Ryan laughed', and Pete said 'And that gives you the right to beat up my son does it?' Billy said 'If you want a war on this estate you've got one', so it looks like we're in for some fun! Yay!! I hope they do harass us, we'll get moved away. Bring it on!!

I called the police number I was given before and reported it. We haven't seen anyone yet, but are going to the station tomorrow to give statements and have photos taken. Then they'll pull him in for questioning. We are going to take him to court for assault as someone has to stick up for the kids round here and stop this little fucker from running the show.

God I love this town!

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