Monday, November 06, 2006

Poorly girl

Oh dear. I think Ibby has Whooping Cough. She has had a fever and snotty nose for a few weeks, but has been herself really. She just woke up about an hour ago choking and nearly being sick with an awful cough. I thought straight away 'Whooping Cough' as she just didn't sound right. In almost 8 years of being a parent I'd never heard a cough like it. I called Pete(he's at a football meeting), and he rushed me back some medicine. Ryan ran me a steamy bath in case it was Croup, and she quickly settled back down. She just woke again a minute ago, but she's settled again fine. I've listened to some sound files online, and it does seem like the dreaded Pertussis.

Also, I just had a random thought, the doctors screwed up her first three sets of jabs as a baby and she was really late completing the course. She also missed her final polio dose. I've just read a study online that connected delayed immunisation with pertussis risk. Interesting.

Hopefully she won't start coughing again tonight, Pete wasn't here earlier, but he's just come in the door and he's so overprotective of her that if he hears it he'll panic.

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Dan said...

Poor ickle pickle. Hope she picks up soon. And that reminds me, need to try and get Tam's jabs checked as she's STILL waiting for her 12-18 month set.

And she's 19months