Thursday, November 16, 2006

I'm getting excited now. I've just been given my Xmas budget by Pete, so I've been searching and organising all evening (sad, I know). I'm a list writer you see. Everything has to be on a list. I have an Ebay purchases list, a complete Xmas present list, and a list of what I'm buying on what date. I'm a list addict. I'm buying all my online goodies tomorrow as it's payday.

I've almost completed my December Gift Exchange package. I have two more online orders to complete, and I'm waiting for two more to arrive, and I'm ready to go. I've also got to look for a gift for my secret santa at work. I got Jacqui, who I love to bits, so I should enjoy shopping for her.

I have work again tomorrow, then a weekend of manic cleaning and throwing out crap, ready for Christmas. The kids rooms all need sorting ready for more crap they don't need to be shipped in. Pete was supposed to be helping but he's now off sick with a bad back. Great timing!


Dan said...

Ah yes, the pre-xmas exodus of crap from kids rooms, only to have new crap to replace it, and the clear-up repeated in 11 months... hehe

Laney said...

Well, it still hasn't been done and Christmas is inching closer. Maybe this weekend.