Monday, November 27, 2006

I don't believe some people! This is a perfect example of why you should never rely on anyone but yourself.

I've been down the town this morning, and didn't get in until 1pm. The two little ones went down late for their nap, so I asked a neighbor whose kid is in Taylor's class to pick him up for me. We drop her kids off for her most mornings, in fact, we dropped them this morning. When I asked her she said 'Yeah fine, no problem, you did me a favour this morning'.
So, at 3.40pm I'm pottering around the house tidying up expecting Taylor through the door any minute(he finishes at 3.10pm), when the phone rings. It's the school. No one has picked him up. I had to call Pete and he had to cancel a meeting at work to collect him. I couldn't go as the school is a 15 minute walk away so by the time I walked there it would've been gone 4pm. I'm soooo mad with this woman! Pete told me to tell her to piss off if she thinks we're taking her kids again. The woman's a bit of a nutter so that confrontation should be fun. Hahahahah!
She hasn't even knocked to see if we've got him or if he's ok, and I've just seen her walk past. She either hasn't remembered yet, or is too chickenshit to tell me. What if the school hadn't called, he'd still be sitting there.

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