Friday, November 03, 2006

I took all the oldies from work to see Billy Elliot the musical last night in London. It was probably the best show I've ever seen. I'll find it hard to top that. I had goosebumps through most of it, even though it was so full of laughs that I'd class it as a comedy. There was one particular scene where Billy dances with an adult version of himself in perfect time, and it was beautiful. I wish I'd videoed it.
Then when I got home Ryan had the hump as he'd had a fight with some little shit. I wanted to go round their house but Ryan wouldn't let me. This boy punched an 8 year old in the face, and when Ryan asked him what the hell was going on he headbutted Ryan. I was livid, I even called the police! Then, Sian called today and was horrible to Ryan...again! Why can't life be simple.

Today I had the day off work as I had my mole removed from my arm. I got there at my appointment time, and had to wait for an hour. The suspense was killing me! Once I got in he gave me the numbing injection, which is the worst bit for me. I hate needles! After about 5 minutes it went numb, but they put adrenaline in the drug too to constrict the blood vessels(less blood), so that made me light headed and dizzy. I laid down, he checked I was numb and then he sliced it right off. I have four stitches. Here is a gross picture, so don't click if you're squeamish!

We went to the fireworks in Laindon that my boss organises tonight, they were fantastic, much better than all the other displays. Isobel hated the noise and was happier watching them from the car with her Nanny. She didn't cry though.

Pete has gone out tonight with Bushy, so I'm at home with my Friday bottle of wine, which is nearly finished. I just called Clare, the twin sister of Lisa, my friend who is dying. We spoke for about an hour, I'm hoping to go out with her tomorrow night. Lisa has literally days left, it's just awful. She has just come out of the hospice and gone home to die. There is nothing anyone can do. The cancer spread from the mole to her lymph glands in her leg, then onto her spine. Clare and I were talking on the phone about our childhoods, we had so much fun. I can't believe she'll be gone. All I can do now is be there for Clare.

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