Sunday, December 03, 2006

Another busy week gone by...

... Not long 'til Christmas. Yay!

Taylor spoke to his Dad last night and he is finally going to see him. It took Taylor calling him for him to remember he actually has a son though. He's taking him out next Saturday. He's not seen him since July, and they only live a few miles away in Grays.

Ryan is off to his Mums today, which I hate. He'll probably enjoy the holiday, but he always comes back with an attitude problem. I've packed all his bags, and he's all ready to go at about 12 noon. At least I won't have to pay for his school dinners all week or iron his uniform!

Isla caught a mouse last night and presented it to me on the front doorstep, so I rescued it. I put it in a pot with some food and will release it today once the rain has stopped.

We went to The Grasshopper Inn with my work on Friday. It was really good and the food was yummy! I even got up and had a dance with the old ladies. The villages we drove through on the way there were stunning. I want to move!

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