Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Crazy day

Jake & Isobel had a lovely day today, they ran around like nutters. At about 5.45pm, just as I was feeding Jake and getting his stuff ready to go home, Ryan came in with a huge rip down the front of his hoody. This girl he hangs around with was swinging him round by the hood, he was asking her to stop and she was being an arsehole and doing it more. So it rips straight down the middle and he comes in upset to show us the damage. I called her over and Pete had a word with her, asking her to tell her Mum as they'd better pay for a replacement. She was being a bit cheeky, saying she wasn't bothered etc(Catherine Tate anyone?), so I said if it were Ryan that had done it to her we'd be paying for it and giving him a hiding for being so disrespectful. She went home, then came back telling Ryan that I'd better not go round there as her Mum wasn't in the mood and she'd have a row with me. Ryan just laughed and said "My Mum's 6ft, as if she'd be scared!. He's a cheeky bugger! I went over to speak to the Mum, she started off being all defensive, but soon changed her tune to apologetic. Ten minutes later we have a grovelling teenage girl on our doorstep with £15 in her hand. Hahahahaha! I hope it came off her Christmas present list!

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