Sunday, November 26, 2006

Shop 'til you drop!

After weeks of deciding what people are getting, what day I'm buying what and which shops I'm visiting when, I finally got to go shopping yesterday for Christmas presents. Most people I know loathe shopping, but I love it, because this is the only time of year we can afford to do it. The only other kind of shopping I get to do is the weekly food shop. Thrilling.
So, I bought lots of sack presents, Isobel's Aquadraw & Fifi Cottage, Ryan's tracksuit he wanted(£60!! For a tracksuit!!), and we got the Buzz music quiz and Singstar for the PS2. Ryan came with me, and by the end of it we could barely put one foot in front of the other. And we still have another two thirds to buy yet.

In a festive mood, we then decided to put the tree up. Now, I usually do it between the 1st-7th of December, but as Ryan is visiting his Mum that week we did it last night. Ryan adores decorating the tree, and he didn't want to miss it. I can live with having mine up early in those circumstances, although it normally infuriates me. Then, we decided to go all out and wrap the presents we'd bought too. Yes, we were bored.

My friend Angela had her second son last night at 8.30pm, so I'm looking forward to lots of newborn cuddles. :-)

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Dan said...

You get the gold stars for both being very brave putting it up so early, as well as being very brave for putting pressies under it! hehe