Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bad influences

Just thought I'd add some new pictures I took today.

I have a bit of a problem. I have no idea what to do.
Taylor has a boy in his class called Jake, that I have tried everything in my power to keep him away from since he started school a few years ago. It's worked well so far. Just as an example, when this boy was six, I watched him spit in the face of the woman behind the counter in the shop. He also throws stones, steals, and roams the streets at all hours. He is friends with older teenagers who have been inside prison. He's an awful kid. Taylor has never been interested in him and knows not to play with him in school.

When Taylor went up to the Juniors in September, I learnt that this boy would be in Taylor's new class, so I almost moved him to a different school. That is how strongly I feel about him mixing with this boy. Then Taylor became best friends with Georgie, who's a lovely little boy, and they are in the same class too. Taylor stays over at Georgie's quite a bit, and they adore each other. This allayed my fears as I knew that Taylor & Georgie would be inseparable during school and Jake wouldn't be able to go near my son.

Fast forward to now, and Georgie's Mum(who although lovely, is a bit of a drinker and can be volatile), is dating Jake's Dad. Jake's Dad is spending every spare moment round her house with Jake. They walk home with us every day. Georgie is obviously now playing with Jake.
I now have to limit how much time Taylor spends with Georgie, as I REALLY don't want Taylor being influenced by Jake. This is going to be so hard on Taylor, no matter what I do it's going to be a nightmare. I don't even want to send him to school as I know he's going to be mixing with him at break.
Obviously I can't tell this woman who to spend her time with, but I can control who my son mixes with. I just want to move far, far away from all this shit, to a nice quiet village somewhere. HELP!!

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