Tuesday, December 12, 2006


The kids are all in bed and Pete is at football, and although I still have loads of housework to do before bed I just can't be arsed. I'm just bored. I'm on Ebay bidding for a few games for the boys, but keep losing the auctions. People are just willing to pay too much I'm afraid. What's the point of paying £21 for a game on Ebay that I can buy down the town for £24?

Taylor had his school disco tonight and Ryan had his football team Christmas do. They went bowling and had some food, all paid for by the club. I tell you, that football team is excellent. They get to see free Southend and West Ham games, have been ball boys for both of those teams, and get meals and trips out for free too.

Our loan money should be going in the bank in the next two days, so we can buy a new car and get the rest of the presents. Of course, all the money we spend needs to be put back into the bank in January to pay for the wedding, but for now we need a car. We do have the money for the Xmas presents in our December wage packets, but not until my pay day on Monday, and I'm worried about the XBox and the DS being out of stock. The sooner we get them the happier I'll be. Can you imagine if we left it until 5 days before Christmas and they sold out, I'd panic big time!

Yay!! I just won a £29.99 game for £20.

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